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The last stretch to the finish line

Smile for the camera
looking through the lens

This year has been one long year for me. Being pregnant and attending school trying to push so I graduate next year. This weekend was about my cousin who is about to get married next month. We had lunch and went for a get away weekend with the family. I was so relaxed that I forgot I had to finish my assignment which is due Monday morning. When I got back I told my self that I will finish and bond with my son site I wasn’t with him.

School work always come first but after the week I had I really needed this vacation to relax and take off all the stress. Dps are about to come out soon and exams are around the corner basically it’s now a fight to the finish line. I want to pass and leave MGI. I want to support my child, spoil him rotten and get my own place. This is the last stretch and it’s either now or next time.

Good luck for the exams!!



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