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Customs VS Modern: my Shrimpy is sick

It's always nice to see your baby happy and playful

Baby’s get sick often and in most cases, when that happens it’s because they get it from other people or from the environment that they are in. I’m not sure if a lot of people believe in customs but my Little man has this red mark on the back of his neck and by my believe it’s said that if the mark moves to the front of the head it may kill the baby. I don’t know if other people do believe in such but I would like to know what other methods or myths are there, because I took Shrimpy to a traditional doctor to heal him and it was painful to watch my son being cut so that they can remove the bad blood.

I took my Shrimpy to remove that mark because it’s too big and I don’t want anything to happen to my child. On the other hand the nanny has been sick with flu and she knows that she’s sick but she kept on kissing my son on the lips. I asked her not to kiss him as I’m very protective of him and another reason is that I saw a picture of a child who had sores on Facebook and I asked her but she didn’t listen. 

One morning my son woke up coughing and I couldn’t hold myself but I gave her a piece of my mind. A child is an expense and him getting sick is another expense  as well. I’m a first time mom and I want nothing with my son and there’s more things that i don’t want but I can’t tell her because she’s helping me. I can’t wait till I’m done with my exams so that she can go back home, and i can enjoy my son without having to fight with people who don’t listen.


3 thoughts on “Customs VS Modern: my Shrimpy is sick

  1. You have every right to tell people not to kiss your baby on the mouth.
    Viruses are the main cause of sickness in infants.

    When did the mark show up? How long has it been there?
    Could it be a strawberry patch? They’re fairly common, my daughter has one:






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