crying · eating · growing · talking · tv · walking

Every little thing matters- Shrimpy talks too much

Shrimpy started talking with the TV at 6 weeks, at first I thought he was crying and I ran to check on him,  but when I got  there, he was just watching TV and talking to it. I took this video and his father was so happy that he shared the video with his family members. A baby grows fast and every little thing matters especially for me because Shrimpy is my first born.

I don’t want to miss anything that happens to him. Things like the first cut, when he starts eating, his first walk. It’s every mom’s dream to take videos of everything and yes there are some moments where I  might not see because his not always with me but whenever I’m with him I learn a lot of things about him everyday as he grows up.

I will try my best to video tape or take pictures of him on things like the first smile and when he gets naughty.


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