Embrace your culture: heritage day with Shrimpy’s family


I know my culture but I have never embraced the fact that I’m a tsonga.  When ever there is a wedding, I will were a zulu attire or mix it with Xhosa. I’m a proud Tsonga girl but I know nothing about my roots. I have never met other family members besides from my mothers side of the family.

We are no longer that closed since my grandparents passed away, everyone saw their own way and went on different directions.  It’s sad cause now that us the grandchildren are all grown up, we now also have our own lives and doing what’s best for us.

This past Saturday I and shrimpy spent our heritage day with his father, yes we talked things and decided that we’ll do whatever it takes so that shrimpy can have both parents raising him together.  It was a great lunch, good food and good company. I didn’t want the weekend to end, because I was really enjoying myself and getting to know the other side of my baby daddy’s family.

I loved this Xhosa attire which was worn by my cousin Zinhle. She said that it’s half of what a Xhosa woman should wear, she didn’t wear the entire thing cause it was hot and she needed to be able to do things as there were a lot of people there. Coloureds are part of Shrimpy’s family (from his father’s side) they said they don’t practice anything and know nothing about culture.

Happy heritage day everyone!!


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