Going back to old habits

This weekend was dedicated to me. My first day out since I gave birth, and when I say out I’m talking about going out with friends to have fun. So major league gardens was where we were. I felt like I was living a dream…It was like I was reliving my life again. I literally forgot that I had a 2 months old baby back at home. I saw my high school friends there whom I haven’t seen in almost 4 years.

when I asked my mom to babysit for me, I thought she was going to say no because my son is really small but when she said that; I can go but make sure I come back home before 9pm I really didn’t mind because she had given me the opportunity to go out and hang out with my friends even though I have a baby at home.

All i had was good food and a glass or two of wine, I thought about drinking more and all I could hear from the back of my head was… shrimpy shrimpy shrimpy.  I think i now understand why some people can have fun without being drunk, as a person you also have fun with friends without being toxicated. 


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