Cake Smashing

Cake smashing with your little one is so fun. This  is something  I can think  about for my Shrimp  for when he turns 1 year next year.

My big sister took my nephew for a photo shoot so that his son can get dirty with the cake and have fun with the balloons. At first my nephew didn’t want to smash the cake so my sister had to join him as he got the chance to have so fun with the cake.

It’s hard for the baby to get used to the environment that they are in as well as the people around them tend to scare them, especially  cameras. Some babies are very shy to the point that they start to cry when the mother forces them to do something they don’t feel like doing.

I really had fun and the pictures  that were captured by the camera are priceless…moms get to show their kids when they are older of how much fun they had with the cake while they smash and eat the cake.

I’m so doing this cake smashing with my Shrimp!!


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