Are they called my in-laws???

Screenshot_2016-08-21-22-45-10-1.pngWe all know that everything  is labelled  from cats to fruits…when people date they are girlfriends and boyfriends, and when you have a family you are either a mom or dad. While some people are aunts and uncles.

I love my baby daddy’s  parents cause they treat me like their own, but not like a Makoti (bride)…well I wouldn’t know how they treat their makoti’s and that they live in the 21st century “the English life” .

They are good with my son and support him in every way that they can. He is spoilt by his grandmother, she treats him like his own son and me like a daughter. The father is the best cause we talk to each other like we have known each other from a long time ago.

i love how they accepted me and my son in their family although me and their son are no longer in a relationship…so all I want to know is; are my baby daddy’s  parents called my in laws or just my son’s grandparents ???


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