Finding the right nanny for my Shrimpy

It’s time to pack!!

I have been interviewing people ( old women) to look after my son while i go back to school, and to be honest i dont trust anyone with my son…my baby daddy says im over protective, i mean after the pain and drama i went through with him any new mom would feel the same way.

I found someone and i was ready to let a stranger take care of my Shrimp while i head back to school for the last semester…the lady decided to bail on me and not even call to tell me her cheap excuse.

Laundry is done and all that was left was to iron and pack my stuff and go back to Midrand. Im falling behind with school work and at the same time im still healing from the stiches and now i still have another week or so with my Shrimp.

Next week its test week and i dont know anything that has been done these past few weeks of school. I really have to find someone to stay with my Shrimp ASAP.


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