The jealous girlfriend


I know it’s hard for my baby daddy’s girlfriend to accept that her man has a baby with another woman, but that girl is stepping on my toes and she wouldn’t like it if i become mean to her.

She has a problem with me chatting with her boyfriend about his son and sending small things such as the baby’s cry and pictures…she even said that we should have a time limit, im not allowed to talk to my baby daddy after hours because its her time…lol so what must i do if the poor guy wans to check his son??

I feel for her but really she is not in a relationship with me so she should be fighting her boyfriend and not me…i seriously dont know what she wants from me the best thing to do is to just block the girl and keep doing what i have been doing, which is raising my son.

A lot of things are going through my head…i wonder how she will be around my son when im not around, because she has already involved my baby daddy’s mom in this matter, trying to make me look like a bad person cause im entertaining her man.

I wont let no girlfriend make my baby feel like his a number 2 on his own father!!


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