After birth-First week at home

It’s time for reality…raising a new born is hard work. Forget about buying clothes, nappies, milk and the other stuff that are needed for your new born…im talking about sleepless nights, and having to guess what your baby needs when they start to cry….HEADACHE!!!

Ohh my gosh, i wake up every day in the early AMs to breast feed Shrimpy, and i must say its not a nice feeling especially because i have stiches down there so its hard for me to walk and to sit on my ass…the most painful part of all is when i have to go pee…wuuuuu im strong shame.

Shrimpy’s umbilicus fell when he was 3 days old so his navel hurts him so bad, i cant stand to see my baby like this but there’s none i can do than to stare and rock him. I give him medication of it but as soon as it wears off its back to square one. As a new mom i only get help during the day from my  mom and lil sister but during the night it just me nje.

Im lucky he sleeps during the day and mornings and i get a chance to catch up on school work and a thing to watch television or taking pictures of him. It also gives me time to take a bath and do laundry and when im done with all i then bath him.

Happy 11 days Shrimpy!!


2 thoughts on “After birth-First week at home

  1. Congrats on your little baba!
    I feel you. The thing that I wasn’t prepared for was the time.. how absolutely time consuming they are. I had my baby last year in July. I was doing a Post Graduate Diploma and working. It was hard, juggling breastfeeding, not sleeping, working, studying, my relationship. But now my baby is a toddler. *poof* just like that, not a baby anymore.
    Good luck to you! My motto – this too shall pass. Treasure every second with your baba, hold him every chance you get. Before you know it they’re big and don’t want to be held anymore.


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