Labour- the waiting is over

On Tuesday the 12th I checked myself in to be induced because I was 41 weeks pregnant and my baby shows no signs of coming. I was so excited and at the same time scared of what was going to happen.  As I walked in with my bags and baby daddy my heart started to beat fast, all I thought about was needles and the hospital bed…#i don’t like needles and drips, but I didn’t have a choice but to do it for my shrimpy.

My baby daddy dropped me off and headed back home, and I waited for my mother to come and comfort me. I was admitted at 14:20pm and that’s when the I realised that in the next day or so I will be walking out with my Shrimpy.

My mom was so happy and thought that I would be induced the same day but the doctor had to prescribe the medication first and it would be given to me in the morning.  Visiting hours ended at 16:00pm and supper served. Damn I was so bored that I started to have some mild pains around 23:oopm and after that I never had the energy to sleep though I was so tired.

I was so jealous at the woman who was snoring by the corner that when morning came she was jealous that I was being moved to labour ward. I was told that I was 3cm diluted and in an hour I was a 5, and after that I just went bananas. I was so dramatic to the point that I never knew who I was. My mom came to see me and I didn’t want her to see the way I was acting, I swear someone would have thought I’m composing a song, labour pains are no joke 3 more hours I then felt like I wanted to poop so bad, I screamed for the doctor and said I wanted to go and take a shit.

The doctor came running and it was game time, 10mins in pushing my shrimpy was born….ITS A BOY!!


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