labour day…false arlam

As a first time mom you never know what to expect when its time. I have been having pains all around my waist and with my excited mom, she couldn’t wait for my water to break and decided that i checked in to a hospital.

Been sitting here watching other pregnant women come in,give birth and get ready to go home and all i have been getting is just horrible pains.

I swear it’s like we were singing a tune, everyone is just having their own pains in different times. I made a friend who was sitting next to me while we were waiting to be checked if really we were in pains. At first we were laughing  at how every pregnant women reacted when they were in pains. One lady got shouted for screaming out loud and thats when we saw that shit was real.

The nurses here are so not friendly at all…no matter how hard u try to keep it together, they will shout at you for something small. I was sent back home because my contractions were not that strong and i had no show and that my water didnt break…they gave me another date so i can be induced if nothing happens.


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