Flashback to my youth “ubusha bami”

I used to smoke everyday and drink every week from Thursday till Saturday , that was the life i lived. Im a party freak, i mean im from the hood (soweto) and almost everyone knows that there’s always a party just around the corner.

When i found out that i was pregnant, i knew i had to change my bad habits and start acting right. Tjo it was never easy i must say…i stopped smoking when i was 4 months pregnant and i started to drink beer (black label/heineken) once or twice a month till i stopped at around 6 months.

It was very hard to adjust to the new life, but i had to do it for Shrimpy. I doubt i will go back to smoking again, but when it comes to drinking mmmm…i really love wine and i dont think i will stop drinking it.

I am still waiting for Shrimpy to pop anytime soon…he is very big and hurts me everytime he moves/play. Im 39- 40 weeks pregnant…everyone is waiting on him mean while im just relaxed and enjoying the last few days.


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