Tick tock, its almost time.

What a long journey it has been, but i must say everything must come to an end. At this point i seriously dont want this at all, i want my shrimpy out. This is the last day of my 38 weeks and im very happy that i made it this far. A lot of woman either give birth during their 38 weeks or before.

Friday i wrote my last exam paper and my little sister had to come to school with me because i started to get braxton hicks and my shrimpy has already turned and positioned to be born.

I cant wait to meet him, a lot of people have been asking when his coming and i have to tell them that anytime soon. I went for a follow up check up and im expecting him in 7 days or so. I cant roll over or cough with out feelings any pains, my baby is very big and heavy.

Everyday we eat 4 to 5 times a day and my mom complaints and really there is none that i can do because i get kicked if i dont eat on time. You should see my mom, she is over joyed about this baby like its her own. She buys me food when i crave them but at the end of the day she complains.


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