It’s not easy being pregnant


There is a lot of things that a pregnant woman experiences, it’s not just nausea. There are cramps,  tiredness, anxiety,  hormones that  cannot be controlled.

There is uncontrolled peeing, when sneezing. Constantly bloated,  mood swings…morning sickness that come whenever they want to. The thirst that becomes a friend and I’m not talking  about alcohol, a pregnant  woman befriends  water because  they always get thirsty and it is healthy  for the baby and the body.


I have a 2 year old niece that I fight with everyday, every minute and every hour. She swears at me, kicks  and punches my belly. I came back home to get my bed rest and this is not how I pictured it.

Everyday I clean, and have to cook for my family and the worse part I have this 2 year old that gets on my nerves…my Shrimpy is hurting me so bad, that i just want him out. I walk like i have been kicked on the nuts and the pressure on my  pelvic is just unbearable. I’m tired and I can’t take it anymore, some days were great and now I just can’t deal!!


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