The problems of having a bump

Bending over, rolling over and having to put on shoes, socks and moisturising your feet is the hardest thing to do when pregnant. There are other things that a pregnant women can’t do with their bellies being on the way. Some pregnant women make use of their bellies, for example when eating the mom to be would use their belly as a table and when folding clothes.

Another hard thing to do is when washing dishes; the mom would have to bend over a little so that she can reach inside the sink. Mopping the house, having to bend over a thousand times hurts the woman’s back like crazy especially when the months go by.

My most problem of all things would have to be tying my shoes and having to roll over. There is no other way I can roll over without being awake at night and it really irritates me. My mom says every time I wake up to roll over and change side, is a practice of having to wake up at night and checking my little one.

I take about 5 minutes to tie my shoes and this is because I can not cross my legs (shaya u4). So I have to use my bed or the help of another person because I cant not reach my shoes tying them the normal way. If I’m  lazy or have to be somewhere fast then I rely on pumps and morning shoes.

I cant not do my toe nails anymore so I have to ask my friends or little sister to do it for me because when I have to do them I get tired and take time to do everything on my own. doing the laundry; I’m from Soweto so we never use the washing machine because it takes time and wastes water and electricity, so we hand wash at home and doing that kills. Like literally kills me my back and after the washing I have to rest .


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