The fear of a silent baby

Doctors and nurses tell you that your baby should move 10 times a day, and as the mother to be you become worried when your baby is not moving nor kicking. The fear of not felling your baby’s movement is something that makes the mom to be start eating, drinking water or even taking a bath just so you can know and feel that your baby is alive.

I get worried every morning about my baby because he is very still, and sleeps/ sits at the back of my back, where i can’t even feel his body but head to rub it so that he moves, which will let me know that his alive. Sometimes i drink water so the he can wake up and start kicking, my baby loves water, food and apple juice. If i don’t eat on time he will kick me so hard to let me know that his hungry.

Every woman wants a healthy baby and because i’m in the last weeks of my pregnancy, i am trying my best to make sure that everything is going smooth and that my baby is taken care of.  Some women only go for 2 to 3 check ups and they stop till they give birth. Yes we all know that clinics and private doctors are very depressing and take a long time to attend you because the nurses give the mother a lot of medications and injections to help their little bundle of joy grow strong and keep them away form getting sick, and because every women has their own problems/ months different from you and the others that are waiting. As moms to be we all go to the Doctors for different  reasons.

I now keep record of my baby’s movement and now know when he starts moving and for what reasons, sometimes his movements are never about the reason that i know, but because his happy and just wants to play with mommy.

If you are worried about your baby and the movements that he makes go to the doctor to find out what is wrong about your baby.



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