Shopping for Shrimpy

Everything looks so adorable and so small. I just wanna take everything in every colour. I don’t know Shrimpy’s sex so i have to shop for neutral colours; so that he or she can have clothes. I really want a boy so bad that i bought something blue for my little one, i mean no one is going to judge my baby while he or she is still an infant because firstly its winter time and babies have to be warm, secondly i don’t really think people would care if the baby is a girl and wearing blue clothes.

I think i enjoy shopping alone for the baby than with my baby daddy because, he wants everything animated, and doesn’t want anything in yellow. We had to leave the store with white and brown clothes because we were fighting over clothes. We decided that when he wants to buy clothes for the baby he will go buy them and so will i.

The bond that i have with my little one is priceless, who knew i would love someone that i haven’t met so much. The past weeks i have been concentrating on my school work and have forgotten about my shrimpy, that now its about time i take a break and start talking to him again.

MAN it’s been a long ride, and an experiencing one. From losing friends, fighting with my baby daddy, meeting new family. Right now i’m waiting for these last few weeks of school so that i can have my bed rest and wait for my shrimpy. 5 more weeks left, and i am very excited. The movement of the baby are stronger and i get a lot of pains on my lower abdominal. My mom is my mid-wife so she says that the baby, is getting comfortable and getting ready to come out.


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