8 more weeks before I meet my little shrimpy


It’s almost time, and I wont lie I’m very excited and at the same time I’m kind of scared. I can’t believe that I’m 32-33 weeks pregnant and I’m still pushing my belly to school, I’m so proud of myself for continuing with school a lot of girls/ women in my condition would have been on bed rest by now or even worse they would have quit school the minute they feet got swollen or had abdominal pains.

I have pains more now and the nausea is coming back again. Tomorrow I’m going for my check up and I’m worried about my weight and what the doctor will tell me to do.

all I want to do is to write my tests and have the last three weeks of the first semester before I begin my bed rest. Actually I sometimes thing that it makes pregnant women to become lazy because they start depending on their spouses and partners to do things for them because it is almost time for them to give birth.

I’m not trying to be mean but I’m also straining myself and the baby, but I try so hard to take things easy and do my school work on time. I must say it has been a hard road for me as a smoker and a drinker. Drinking is not that hard to quit but smoking oh gosh, it was hard for me to quit. from 4 cigarettes to 1 a day to none; I’m so proud of myself, though the cravings come when I smell or see someone smoking, it kills me that I can’t smoke because of my baby.

my bed rest will begin after exams and I will have 2 week left to think about labour pains and waking up late at night  to feed Shrimpy. I still have time and I cant wait to meet my baby for the first time.


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