Let me take you back to December, me and my baby daddy broke up because of I found out there was and has been another woman that he was involved with. The girlfriend finally got the news that mina I’m pregnant and expecting a baby with her boyfriend. Gosh I can imagine how she feels knowing that her boyfriend of 1 and half years is expecting a child in less than two moths.

so how I blame myself for not checking up on the guy, by digging all of his dirty laundry and all. I mean the guy is very manipulative and yeah its true when people say looks can be deceiving. What kills me the worst is that he told the girlfriend that he only found out the baby two weeks ago…tjo like really, I’m almost near my due date, and customs have already been done.

So like the girl decided to call a meeting where she wanted to hear the side of my story, and I was like, GIRL!!! I don’t want this guy to run away and not support my kid because my story and his are contradicting. This guy was very lucky I must say to have a calm baby mama and a girlfriend who is matured to understand things even if she was played. I was also a victim in this but I didn’t get a chance to cry my heart out to him.

I hope that the guy learns from his lesson and starts telling his girlfriend everything, even though i’m not sure that the relationship will last. If they ever continue their relationship, I pray that she doesn’t bad mouth me to my child nor think she is better than me.


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