Picking a name for the baby

Screenshot_2016-04-29-20-12-29-1It’s  almost  time for the lil one to pop out. 9 more weeks to go and I’m a bit nervous I must say.

Me and my partner are fighting about naming our baby, because  we not sure about the sex of the baby its making things worse for us. Since  we both want a boy, his only thinking about naming the baby after him because  he was named after his grandfather. It’s kinda sweet but I don’t like the name. We not the only people fighting about naming the baby but also the grandparents  want to be part of naming it.

It’s very stressful and we not getting  anywhere  with naming the baby, but I know for sure that I will be the one who ends up naming the baby, unless one  of the grandparents  fight me.

To be honest I want something  with a meaning, a deep meaning, something that will mean somthing to me and my partner.

We not done with the fights, and the funny thing is we both see that this baby is our number priority.


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