Meet my Lil shrimpy


Last  week  Friday I went for a sonar to find out if I’m having a baby girl or baby boy. All I can say is that I really have a big shy baby. I  was so disappointed that  all that I saw was just the thigh #teamvezitanga.  Got to hear the heart beat which was so breath taking. I couldn’t believe that, that is really a little me growing inside of me.

I really want a boy, for so many reasons…firstly because in my family there is only one boy that is carrying/ continuing my surname and he is also producing girls. Secondly because I want to make my partner jealous; so that he can be part of my Childs life for ever. I know that a baby doesn’t keep a man but, the reason I want him to bond and be part of  his life is because I see how he acts when his with other babies especially boys, you could tell from a distance that he wants one.

When I went for the scan I really wanted to take him with but cause we are fighting a lot these days, I just couldn’t stand being in the same room with him. Yes we mended our problems during the week then I decided that I might as well share the news with him. Some women would have someone to go with them to see such an amazing thing, but I decided to go alone. I like doing things on my own and that’s just who I am.

I have to change my attitude and start allowing people especially my partner to support and let him in my life cause we having this baby together.


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