It’s hard being pregnant especially when it’s your first time.

I worry about almost everything and its making me sick. The past week I went for my 26-27 weeks check up and all of the sudden I wasn’t feeling well. My baby kept kicking continuously and a lot of things just kept triggering my mind thinking something was wrong with it.

Over the weekend I became sick and since I am far away from home I can’t keep relaying on my mom to tell me what to do. I was in so much pains, my low abdominal was hurting so I went to the local clinic to check out was it meant and if there was anything wrong; I was told that it is normal to have pains down there because the baby is growing and the uterus is stretching so that there is space for it to move around.

who ever said being pregnant was easy, was lying. don’t get me wrong the kicks and the  movements are the best feeling for the mom to be.


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